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Silicon Design

Whether it's for the lowest component cost, smallest physical size or best performance, the design of a custom silicon integrated circuit (IC) to implement your required functionality can be the difference between a viable and cost-effective product and one that's a non-starter. Technology Bazaar can provide a complete development, from concept through to production, in collaboration with our associates where necessary. Otherwise we can provide assistance at any stage in the process, component designs, or other related services.


We offer:

  • Complete IC development, concept through to production
  • Digital ASIC, embedded standard cell (analogue/digital), full-custom analogue/mixed-signal in collaboration with associates
  • System on Chip (SoC) designs
  • Project management of in-house, customer and/or third party resources
  • Intellectual Property (IP) core or macro development
  • Third party IP sourcing to requirements
  • Target device may be FPGA or custom silicon 
  • FPGA prototyping of silicon where practical and expedient 
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