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FlexPIC16 family evaluation

It's all very well reading the datasheet, but how exactly will a FlexPIC16 family processor work for you, in your application? Some vendors insist that you purchase an expensive licence before they'll allow you to properly evaluate their technology. We don't think that's either reasonable or the best way for potential customers to find out what they're buying, so we offer you a free evaluation.


Here's what you get:

You get everything you need to get started easily, within minutes of downloading!


  • A pre-compiled simulation library including standard TBPIC16S, TBPIC16 or PicoPIC16 processor core and evaluation testbench.
  • Source code for the testbench (VHDL)
  • Simple demo firmware (PIC assembly language)
  • Assembly batch file
  • Modelsim initialisation file (modelsim.ini)
  • Datasheet
  • Quick-start guide
* The simulation library is compiled under Modelsim PE 6.5a. It is compatible with this and later versions as well as other editions (SE/LE etc) of the simulator. It is not compatible with the free editions of Modelsim distributed by the major FPGA vendors.  

What can you do with it?

You can do more or less whatever you like within the context of fair evaluation of the technology in the simulation environment for your own or for your company's use, Here are some things that you might like to do:


  • Connect the processor core to your own testbench or application circuit through the external interfaces.
  • Create and connect your own standard or custom peripheral circuits.
  • Run and modify the demo firmware.
  • Write and run your own firmware on the processor.
  • Test pre-existing firmware for compatibility.
  • Evaluate firmware execution performance.


Download your free evaluation library today!  

TBPIC16S evaluation library (Modelsim 6.5a +)

TBPIC16 evaluation library (Modelsim 6.5a +)

PicoPIC16 evaluation library (Modelsim 6.5a +)


For assembling and linking PIC firmware, we use the free gputils toolset, available to download from the SourceForge website. These tools aim to be fully compatible with Microchip's tools, MPASM, MPLINK, and MPLIB. We have found that compatibility is extremely good.

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