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Technology Design and Services

Technology Bazaar provides design, development, project management and related services to high technology companies. Our principal areas of expertise are in custom silicon integrated circuit (IC), ASIC, FPGA and  programmable logic design and development. We also have capabilities in the related fields of general electronic hardware and firmware design, development and sub-contract manufacture. Please browse our full range of services for further details or contact us with your enquiry.

Xilinx FPGA

TBPIC16S single-cycle microprocessor

A new standard configuration of our FlexPIC16 family is now available incorporating a 4x architectural speed-up (single clock per instruction cycle), built-in support for slow memories (eg on-chip flash) and all of the functionality of the FlexPIC16 family.

Our FlexPIC16 family is a range of efficient and high performance, technology and vendor independent 8-bit microcontrollers supplied as synthesisable IP cores. They are software compatible with the industry standard PIC16xxxx family of 8-bit PIC ® microcontroller.



Evaluate it now!

Download your free Modelsim evaluation library for the PicoPIC16, TBPIC16S or TBPIC16 processor cores here.


Xilinx FPGA

FPGA design

Working with Xilinx, Altera and other devices, we offer a range of VHDL or Verilog based FPGA design and intellectual property (IP) services.


silicon wafer  

Silicon Design

From standard cell digital ASIC design, to embedded arrays to full-custom mixed signal IC design, Technology Bazaar provides a range of silicon development services to suit.  


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